San Gonsalo, Rio de Janeiro / Brazil


October 22h to 25h, 2015


The Anima-Sao - International Animation Festival in São Gonçalo is produced by Studio Alexandre Martins.

The 2015 edition will take place at the Teacher´s Faculty by the UERJ - Rio de Janeiro State University.


Teacher Faculty - UERJ




     Competitive Exhibition of recent films and videos selected by special committee formed by representatives of the Brazilian cultural sector;
     Awards shows with unique competitive trophy "Lollipop Yellow";
     Shows graphic arts production drawings-animated national purpose of bringing the public the process of creation and development animation;
     Show animations selected by specially commissioned for display in open area and popular themes;
     Lectures by professionals from the Animation Cinema - animators, producers, voice actors, writers, etc..
     "Colosseum" - Session of animators - professionals, amateurs, students etc - in a relaxed meeting.
     The parallel places in the municipality of São Gonçalo .


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