AnimaSao – IV International Animation Festival – San Goncalo, Rio, Brazil




Festival Anima-Sao 2015 Rules


October 22th to 25th – São Gonçalo, RJ






  1. The International Animation Festival AnimaSao - is a showcase of animated videos held annually in São Gonçalo city, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil, property and production Studio Alexandre Martins Cultural Productions Lt. with headquarters in same city.

    1. The Festival is a cultural promotion of a civil, entrepreneurial, for the benefit of socio-cultural inhabitants of São Gonçalo and its surroundings.

    2. The Festival aims to bring the general public shows of significant national and international production Animation Film and gather personalities linked to this activity, promoting meetings, seminars, panels, debates, conferences, shows, releases and publications in CD-Rom and/or video.

    3. The Festival works and rewards people with the intention of encouraging the Brazilian audiovisual production.

  2. The Festival features website - - where are placed the news, a list of selected works and other matters relating to the event.

    1. The address on Blogger and link of the microblog Twitter @animasaofest are also part of the dissemination and communication of the Festival in 2015.



Selection Committee


  1. The Curator of the Festival Committee is composed of artists, filmmakers, producers and animators, chosen for their role and importance in Brazilian Art exclusively invited to each event.

  2. The work of the Commission curator of the Festival is to select, organize and evaluate their own artistic criteria under the content sent, according to Article 41 of these rules;

  3. The Commission curator of Festival 2015 can unilaterally refuse the inclusion of works as well as pull down any video at any time, which does not respect the current legislation.

  4. The decisions of the Committee of the Festival are irrevocable and final.



Acceptance of the rules of the Festival


  1. The author / producer / director, when signing up and sending movies for the Festival:

    1. automatically accepts the rules of the Festival 2015 edition.

    2. declared to be of age or authorized by their legal guardian.



Responsibility of the subscriber


  1. By submitting a work for the Festival, the subscriber expressly declares and warrants that the owner or possessor of all rights and licenses necessary for the video display, including - but not limited – to:

    1. rights of use of image and sound of people, places or things that appear in the video;

    2. rights to music used as soundtrack in the video or incidental;

    3. Right of texts that appear in the video;

    4. the right of the video script, right or license to texts that have served as inspiration for the video;

    5. right to archive images that appear on the video;

    6. patent right or license to use third party information;

    7. any copyright or related rights to prevent or violate the display commercial or noncommercial video.






  1. The subscriber agrees to indemnify the Festival Producer and its other companies and individuals involved in providing the service, as well as your partners, customers and sponsors, from any damages arising from the breach of the Rules of the Festival, or loss elapsed and damages of any kind of legal violation generated by the work submitted.

  2. The subscriber shall indemnify for damages to those who complain, and indemnify the Festival and other businesses and individuals involved in the delivery of services as well as their partners and customers, for damages.





  1. Free subscription.

  2. There is no limit to the number of entries per participant, but must be filled in a registration form for each work, available on the official Festival in 2015 and obeying Article 28 of this Regulation.

  3. Only registrations will be accepted for animated productions that have not been displayed or refused in previous editions of the Festival.

  4. Only completed forms will be accepted in full and sent via e-mail address.

  5. The subscriber's registration form will be held responsible for any correspondence with the festival on the entry.

  6. There is no minimum age for a person to submit a film, in compliance with Article 7 of these rules.

  7. The Festival reserves the right to give preference to works not previously exhibited in commercial circuit or other festivals in Brazil.

  8. There shall be paid fees or exhibition rights for the films selected or invited to the festival.

  9. people from anywhere in the world can participate in the Festival.




audiovisual works


  1. The videos can be performed on any type of equipment producing moving images: video camera, digital still camera (photo sequences), cell phone camera, animation made on the computer, etc..

  2. The supported file format is AVI (Audio Video Interleave), according to Article 28.

  3. The Festival gives preference to Short Film, and may also be classified Medium Films. Feature Films will be accepted by the Curator's Choice Festival.

  4. The works must have credits for those responsible for its implementation, including credits soundtrack (even being in the public domain) images and other materials from third parties.

  5. There is no maximum size (in bytes) of the file to be sent.

  6. The film should be completed at registration. Not be considered provisional editions, dailies or incomplete jobs.



sending the works


  1. Registrations can be made by email.

  2. All entries must be accompanied by:

    1. synopsis and list of professionals involved;

    2. duration and year;

    3. printed advertisements, and posters folipetas (if any);

    4. biography of the director / author, with about 10 lines.

    5. one (1) photo of the author / director / producer and two (2) images of frames / tables named with the title of the work (all in JPEG format, resolution 120dpi, CMYK scale) for possible inclusion in the catalog and dissemination of festival.

  3. If sending by mail, it is mandatory to send a DVD to each work entered.

    1. The packaging of the DVD must be identified with the movie title, director's name and duration of the movie in minutes.

    2. We will not accept PO Box addresses.

  4. All required materials must be sent by the participant.

  5. All materials will not be returned and will be part of the collection of the Society of Arts and Literature of São Gonçalo.

  6. Transportation costs and any fees related to sending movies - costs of customs import and export, etc. - will be paid by producers, directors and companies. Can be used for sending mail.

  7. remittances coming from abroad should be properly packed, containing in its exterior identification "in commercial value, for cultural purposes only / no commercial value - cultural use."

  8. The work and materials should be sent:

    1. or by email - Este endereço de email está protegido contra piratas. Necessita ativar o JavaScript para o visualizar. - which contain the linque service location hosting and file sharing on the Internet (eg 4Shared, Badongo, etc..), included the aforementioned Article 27 of these rules

    2. or by Post, on DVD, directed the


Estúdio Alexandre Martins
- Curadoria do Festival AnimaSao 2015 -
r. Dr. Nilo Peçanha, grupo 1101
São Gonçalo – RJ






  1. complying with the provisions of Articles 4 to 6 of these rules.



Classification of works


  1. The works submitted will be classified by the Evaluation Committee of the Festival in Sessions:

    1. Children - Childhood is understood as the playful theme and / or cultural addressed under the age of thirteen (13) years;

    2. Education - Educational films should be classified assessment of the body responsible, or if they did not, will be classified by the curator of the Festival Committee. Not be contemplated strictly pedagogical productions.

    3. Portfolio - Portfolio projections producing companies should only demonstrate the Animated Film. Be allowed portfolios covering the areas of animation, namely Cut, Pixilation, Drawing, 3D, etc.. Not be allowed teasers or treilers productions to be launched in the exhibition market.

    4. Adult - means the directed productions for over 21 years because it is a complex language. Not be accepted themes involving somehow pornography, racism, xenophobia, Overture terrorist, Nazism, homophobia and other issues considered by the Festival Curator offensive.

    5. Papagoiaba - collection of audiovisual productions held in São Gonçalo, RJ, who do not fit into other categories or are preferable special display.




Subtitle and Voiceovers


  1. The official language of Brazil is Portuguese Festival.

  2. The works submitted must be sent translated (subtitled or dubbed) to the official language as well as promotional material.

    1. If there is no built-in subtitles, is allowed sending SRT file (file extension created by the program Subrip) to compose the subtitle of the work.


Award of


  1. The Curator of the Festival will trial of audiovisual works and award the Trophy "Lollipop Yellow" for Best Film, Independent Rating.

    1. If the prize is not at the awards ceremony, the trophy will be sent to the mailing address to pay.

  2. All participants will receive a personalized Certificate of Participation.






  1. The Festival Calendar includes the following dates:

    1. June 30 - Deadline for submission of application form, movies, photos and promotional material.

    2. August 20 - Final Release on its website the list of selected works.

    3. Oct 22 to 25 - Period of the Festival.

    4. December 10 - Deadline for submission of certificates and awards.



Itinerant Exhibition


  1. The Festival promotes Special Sessions at locations in the city of São Gonçalo, RJ, to publicize the event and promotion of Culture Festivals during the period.

    1. All works selected for the Festival are apt to be again chosen to compose the Special Sessions, no new awards.



Assignment of Rights


  1. The author or owner of the video gives free of charge to the Festival the rights of their works sent to the festival for a period of five (5) years, automatically renewable for an equal period for conveying and cultural diffusion in:

    1. placement or view news programs on any media, in whole or in part, for the dissemination of the Festival.

    2. placement, display or disclosure in nonprofit cultural institutions in Brazil and abroad.

    3. preparation of catalogs Festival for publishing and disseminating cultural nonprofit.

    4. promotion of the Festival site itself and Portals channels or internet sites partners of the Festival.

    5. promoting the Festival on TVs or other media that have partnership agreement to promote the Festival.

    6. excerpts, photos, technical information and graphic material.


Omissions of this Rules


  1. The cases shall be resolved by the Commission curator of the Festival and are heartened by the Festival Production.

  2. Questions and general information see the Contact page of the Festival.